Training Tips 

Training Program Design 

The final step in Power Pros member services package will be to have your custom workout plan designed by one of our personal trainers. 

Monthly Rates as low as $9 

For the most up to date information on all of our group exercise classes check out the latest Summer Schedule featuring:  ZUMBA, YOGA, SPINNING, TRX classes and many more!  


Nutrition Consultation 

After your fitness assessment sit down with Amber, Power Pros Fitness Nutrition Specialist and begin your journey to clean eating and a healthier lifestyle. 

Member Services Package  

Free Fitness Assessment 

Every member at Power Pros Fitness has the option to receive a free fitness assessment from one of our personal trainers. The assessment will help determine the ideal exercise program for your body type. 


Train through pain, or overtrain?  Finding balance in your training can be very difficult. The knowledge of how to manage everyday life,  nutrition, and exercise intensity can be even more difficult. Find out how some of the Power Pros Professionals tackle these tough tasks.

Class Schedule 

Good things are on the horizon at Power Pros Fitness.  This summer we will be expanding our gym floor, adding a sports specific youth training facility, and opening a new medical center featuring several aspects of wellness, health, and beauty.